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SWRY11 hot rolled wire is classified in the category of low-carbon steels and is produced in 5.5mm diameter. As stated earlier, due to the inherent sensitivity of the process of fusion welding, more stringent controls are performed forthesewires. For example, control of the amounts of some elements isvery important. The excessive presence of harmful elements such as phosphorus and sulfur will lead to defects such as cracks and brittleness. On the other hand, if the chemical composition is appropriate, controlling the cooling rate to reach the low temperature is very important. Failure to comply with this issue will lead to formation of some harmful structureslike martensite which tends to increase hardness and decrease plasticity of steel.The ultimate tensile strength of this wire is in the range of (360-410) MPa. Also elongation and reduction rate in cross-sectional area are in the range of (38-47) % and (70-78) % respectively. The microstructure of this wire is approximately ferritic with partial perlite at grain boundary. The chemical composition and mechanical properties of this type of alloy according to the JIS standard are listed in the table as follows:

mainly Ferrite microstructure

CuSiSPMnCSteel grade
0.03 max.0.03 max.0.023 max.0.02 max.0.35 – 0.650.09 max.Wt. %

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