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NAVARDE FOLAD KARAN OFOGH has started  its activity to produce different alloy wire rods aiming to supply domestic and regional markets since 2016.

Steel Rolling mill complex establishment started during 2012 in order to supply internal demands for alloy wire rod especially wire for production coated electrode and other welding filler materials.


Company official production operation was achived during 5 recent years according to the international standards.

Special grade of alloy wire rod required by Iranian industries such as welding wire production, construction wires , spring wires and fasteners are produced by this company.

This  articles mainly imported from international sources with spending high amounts of foreign currency in the past.

Production of wire rod used in welding industries has been one of the most important goals of the company in order to complete production cycle from wire rod to the finished welding products. This process consisting of  cold wire drawing, extrusion , baking continues in mica group in Zanjan and Tehran plants.

At the meantime . main goal of the company is to present different alloy wire rod as high quality Iranian brand to the domestic and exporting markets.

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